• The Titan 10GbE XMC is a high performance quad port 10Gigabit Ethernet XMC designed specifically for demanding rugged applications.

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  • The XSR Rugged Server family provides extremely small, fully rugged, high performance servers and NAS devices with removable solid state storage up to 10TB. Now supporting the latest Intel 4th Generation Core-i7 quad core processors.

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  • Fully rugged quad channel Serial FPDP Data Recorder for up to 1GBytes/sec data recording. Ideal for radar or high definition video data recording in real-time.

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Rugged NAS

The Galleon Rugged Network Attached Storage (NAS) offers flexible, high performance solid state storage in an ultra small form factor. Read more...

Meet us at the Electronic Warfare convention, Warsaw, Poland, 17th & 18th of January 2017. 

Galleon Embedded Computing provides rugged storage solutions, video recorders, network attached storage (NAS) servers, mission computers, Serial FPDP (sFPDP) Recorders, solid state storage modules, embedded RAID solutions, rugged realtime data recorders, and integrated embedded computer systems. Our high performance solutions are based on open standards like OpenVPX, SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI video, XMC, Gigabit Ethernet, SATA, Serial FPDP and PCIe. Our products are available in commercial and conduction cooled grades. Typical applications include C4ISR, Surveillance, Intelligence, Radar Processing, Medical Imaging, Flight Test Instrumentation, Data Recording, Video Recording and Sensor Data Recording in markets such as Military and Aerospace, Civil Aviation, Search and Rescue (SAR), Transportation, etc.